International Desk #163

Podcast #163: The WWE Network launches and the disappointment of it not being available overseas, Elimination Chamber 2014 review, Hulk Hogan returns to WWE and a new rant!

Host: Darragh O’Connor (@DarraghWV), Coiré (@ctremors), Gary (@GarWVIDesk)
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2:00 - Darragh expresses his disappointment that he can’t sign up for the WWE Network
11:00 - A quick review of the WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 PPV
1:00:00 - Darragh and Coire talk about the return of Hulk Hogan in the WWE
1:28:00 - While trying to discuss TNA news, things breakdown into a full blown rant
1:57:00 - Ridiculous WCW Moment: Russo and The New Japan incident of 1999

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