International Desk #164

Podcast #164: A full TNA Lockdown PPV preview in Miami, the impact of the new NXT, WWE action figures, WCW video games and we ask the question “why didn’t Tomko go home?”

Host: Darragh O’Connor (@DarraghWV), Coiré (@ctremors), Gary (@GarWVIDesk)
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2:00 - The guys announce their next WWE Commentary track for WrestleMania weekend
12:00 - Why it is important to look at the bigger picture in the WWE
44:00 - Is it possible to check out of the WWE and still be a wrestling fan?
1:13:00 - The guys take a good look at the Lockdown PPV on Sunday in Miami
1:38:00 - Ridiculous WCW Moment: The wild world of WCW video games

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