International Desk #172

Podcast #172: It’s a week of returns in the wrestling world. Find out what the guys think of the return of Evolution and Vince Russo to the creative team of TNA. In hour two, we talk about Russo some more and the worst of WCW.

Host: Darragh (@DarraghWV), Gary (@GarWVIDesk) Coiré (@ctremors)
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4:00 - The guys open up with their thoughts on Kane’s return to wearing his mask
10:00 - Ten years on, did his match with Mick Foley help make Randy Orton?
31:00 - TNA has Vince Russo back as part of their creative team – why?
38:00 - Will Eric Young work as TNA Champion?
1:10:00 - Ridiculous WCW Moment: Billy Kidman vs. Dean Malenko (WCW Souled Out 2000)

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